Vacation, and work.

This painting has been a challenge, but I think it is turning out well. At this point in a painting I generally give it a day and than decide whether it needs some final tweaks.

The painting is based on source photos from Duluth, MN, on Lake Superior. The way I mapped in the original painting design, there was a bit of beach wrapping around to the bottom, and it just wasn’t sitting well with me. Finally, this afternoon, I asked myself whether that beach helped the intention of the painting or not, and it certainly didn’t. A couple hours later the water came all the way down – I stepped back and sighed with relief.

Do you recognize this place?

Upcoming Events
* Jan 25th, Gov. Biennial Exhibition opening
South Dakota Art Museum, Brookings, SD

* Feb 1st, 3 person show
Rehfeld’s Art Gallery, Sioux Falls, SD

* Feb 1st, “Celebrate” opening
Washington Pavilion Visual Arts Center, Sioux Falls, SD

* Feb 19th, Exhibition ceremony
Art Resources Gallery, Edina, MN

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