White Wind

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These buildings are thick and messy (the paint, that is). I spread on a LOT of paint and smeared it with my pallet knife. The buildings look wind blown to me, which is how I've been feeling lately. I started running again about a week ago and feel like a leaf blowing around in the wind while I'm out there. The wind is tangible here in South Dakota. I have to keep my face down to keep wind from rushing in my nose, and cover my ears, and my lips are covered with dirt after the first mile. It's worth it for how unreasonably proud of myself I am when I get home!  BTW, the two pictures are of the painting in the shade and in the light.

Jessie Rasche is an award winning South Dakota artist.

Her landscape, floral and portrait paintings hang in private collections in every region of the US and Canada, and in Ireland, and have shown in galleries in South Dakota, Washington, California and Kansas. You can see a rotating display of her work at the South Dakota Art Museum gift shop and at the Southwind Gallery in Topeka KS.

Jessie’s paintings have been published in the South Dakota Magazine, the Brookings Register, the Spokesman Review and other publications.


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