Breakfast in a Spring Thaw
30 x 40 inches, oil on canvas
saved for exhibition


Comments from the awarding juror in the 2018 BAC open exhibition.

“Technically the painting has a sort of Neo-Impressionist quality with a wonderful looseness in the brushstrokes. Jessie has included just enough visual information that the viewer can read the scene but also has allowed a certain level of abstraction to remain as well.  Jessie has also expertly captured the atmosphere of the scene. As someone who remembers seeing similar landscapes on crisp spring mornings on my grandfathers farm, the painting does well to portray the peaceful calm and lazying awakening of the animals and landscape to the beginning of the day.  There is a somewhat Romantic or nostalgic quality to all of this, but it is not overly idealized or accentuated to the point of artifice or disbelief. Instead the  landscape is rendered as endearing in its straight forward candor and naturalness.”
Greg Blair, PhD. Juror of Awards for BAC open Exhibition, 2018


This painting explores a couple ideas that have been coalescing for me. How lovely the warm ochre grasses look poking through the snow. How much life and color are outside in the winter. How to direct the eye through a scene. Ideas you’ve seen in my work through before, but I really feel like they came together nicely here. I am quite thrilled with this painting! Hope you enjoy. This is a scene in my neighborhood – practically from my studio window. It has been wonderful to be able to look out the window as a reference, as well as looking at a few photos. So this is a plein air studio painting.

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