Dog Pet Portrait Paintings: Dog Portrait Paintings in Oil Paint on Canvas

Click the image to zoom in on this 16×20″ memorial pet portrait, and see the delicate detailing of her features as well as the painterly quality of the painting. I feel honored to be involved in creating a memory of this beautiful and sweet dog.

Hi, my name is Jessie Rasche, and I am a professional dog portrait artist. I paint in oil paint on canvas or linen.

We are a dog family, so I understand how your four legged family member is just as full of love and personality as the rest of the family. I know how you are the light of their life, and they are your best friend. They might sleep on your feet or live outside, but your bond is strong.

I enjoy capturing a dog’s individual qualities in a portrait painting, to bring joy to their person every day.

I can work from your photos or in person to capture their beauty and character. In addition to accurately portraying your pet, my paintings have a painterly quality which will give you much to explore through the years.

Information about my professional artistic qualifications is on my Meet Jessie page. A quick overview is that I have been a professional portrait painter for 8 years, and recently have begin painting dog portrait paintings. In the last 8 years, my portrait paintings have been purchased by families from Maine to California, from Canada to Texas, and even in the UK. I’ve won awards, become represented by well respected galleries, and two of my large landscapes are now in a public collection in SD. And most importantly, all of my collectors have reported that they are happy with their purchase.

I paint portraits because I want to bring joy to my collectors’ daily lives.

How a Pet Portrait Painting Comes To Life

Click the image to zoom in on this painting, and see the lovely detailing in the faces, and the painterly quality when up close. 14×18 inch oil portrait.

Professionally, carefully crafted oil portrait paintings of a dog – or anyone – take time and skill.

Here are some of the steps that were involved in a recent portrait of a lovely young woman and her stunning horse, commissioned by the girl’s loving grandmother.

First, I visited with the client and took many photos of the two interacting, and then searched through the photos looking for ones that captured their personality and relationship. There was a client-visit to the studio to see paintings of different sizes and to help them decide on the right size for them.

The video below starts with me sketching up some of the collector’s favorite poses, to help with decision making. When the focus is narrowed down to just the young woman and horse, it’s easier to see what will come through in the portrait painting and they were able to easily choose their favorite.

Here is a video showing how the painting came together from sketch to completion:

After the painting was completed and cured for about a week, it was hand delivered to happy collectors.

I love this collector – she sent a thank you card in the mail to let me know they are very happy with their portrait painting. Thank you for being a collector, and such a thoughtful person!

If you’re think about having a dog portrait painted, and you’d like to talk about the project with me, you can call (605-695-5815) or email me with photos and tell me about your for legged friend and what you hope to have captured in your dog portrait painting.

How the Commissioning Process Works

When I paint portraits for myself, I break all the normal rules of portrait composition. This is a painting of our dog guarding our son from squirrels. Although I’ve broken the portrait rules with my composition (and I won’t do that on your portrait unless you ask me to), the painting quality is what you will get. If you click the painting to enlarge it, you can see the care taken and accuracy in the features, as well as the painterly quality of the painting. 

For collectors who like things simple, I keep the process very simple. We talk through email or phone, I’ll send you an invoice, we’ll send a few pictures back and forth, and when you’re happy your painting it is framed, double-boxed with padding, and shipped to your door.

When a collector wants to be more involved or likes a more formal process, here are the steps involved in commissioning and painting a professional equine oil portrait:

1)  We’ll talk on the phone or by email about the project, and find out if I’m the right portrait artist for your project. If so, a deposit is due.

2) If you’re local or close (to East-Central South Dakota), or would like to fly me to you or come to me, I will take photos, and may make sketches and take notes. If you would like to sit for the entire process, that is a great option as well. If you want to use your own photos, email those to me.

3)  I’ll show you sketches and make sure you’re happy with the design before beginning. Once you are happy with the design, painting begins! Depending on size this can take from one week to a few months, during which time you will receive updates.

4) Your painting is complete! You have the opportunity to approve the finished painting, you’ll pay the balance, and your painting will be delivered or shipped to you.

You now own a beautiful, unique and original portrait painting celebrating your love.

What Collectors Have Said

In this smaller 10×8″ painting, you can see the painterly quality without zooming – as well as the emotion I capture in my portraits.

I am so proud that my collectors are all happy with their paintings. I have a Love it Guarantee, but since I began selling portraits in 2008 every single collector has said they are happy.

As an artist, I put a little piece of my heart and soul into each of my paintings. Knowing that they are out in the world bringing joy to their collectors is very satisfying.

Here are a couple testimonials.

Hi Jessie….my wife loves the painting! She was pretty emotional about it :). Thank you so much for allowing me to give a wonderful lasting Christmas gift!! -Wade

Oh my gosh!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with tears in my eyes… I am in love with this painting.  You are so talented you blow me away.  I love the way you captured his eyes and his expression.  This painting is full of emotion. – Jennifer

To read many more collector testimonials, visit my testimonials page.

Oil Portrait Sizes and Price Information

horse portrait paintings, by rasche
36×24 inch commissioned equine portrait painting. This stunning horse and pony are enjoying their pasture.

The right portrait size is easiest to decide if you know where you would like to hang the portrait painting. I’ve made a little description below of good size choices for different room or seating area sizes. If you want to talk through this choice, feel free to contact me. I won’t try to up-sell; I want you to have the best painting for you. A painting that you’ll love forever. 

24×30” – This large size is great when the painting will be placed in a large room, entry, or focal space. $1800.

16×20” – This medium / large size is great for both intimate and large rooms. $900.

11×14″ – This small / medium size is great for intimate environments as well as medium sized rooms.  $600.

If you’re ready to get your pet portrait painting started, call (605-695-5815) or email me with photos and tell me about your loved one and what you hope to have captured in your portrait painting.

Gift Certificates for Equine Portrait Paintings

Many of the portraits I paint are gifts for spouses and other close family. I love being part of this! Usually for these gifts, the collector has photos for me to use.

Occasionally, a collector wants to give a gift certificate for a painting, and let their loved one model for their painting, or choose which photos I paint from for their portrait painting. So I’ve designed this pretty gift certificate so you’ll have something lovely to wrap up and gift.

If you’re ready to purchase a gift certificate,  call (605-695-5815) or email me, or use the PayPal Add to Cart button below.

Choose a portrait painting size (listed large to small), then click Add to Cart. Price includes framing and shipping in the US.

Thank you for visiting my web page about portrait paintings. If you would like to see more of my paintings before committing to a portrait, please sign up for my newsletter and see paintings as they are being painted.

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