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Thank you to everyone who enjoys my paintings  enough to take them home! I appreciate you so much!



A home run.  She really likes it.  – Dave

I just got the painting and it is beautiful…. I love it. The best Christmas Eve in a very long time. Thank you and Merry Christmas!


photoAnnCow Clouds arrived safe and sound this afternoon.  It is beautiful and I love it!  The framing is very nice.  I hope I can meet you someday.

Your fan,
Ann Nordquist (Bonner Springs, KS)

We got the painting! And we LOVE IT! It’s wonderful. Thank you so much.
– Inder (California)

thank you for creating such a wonderful work of art for me to treasure!

much love,

Hi Jessie….my wife loves the painting! She was pretty emotional about it :). Thank you so much for allowing me to give a wonderful lasting Christmas gift!!

-Wade (Washington)

I am blown away by this painting and we will treasure it forever. Thank you so very much for this.

-Teah (Wisconsin) 

Just a quick note to say the painting arrived safely – definitely the best packing job I have ever seen.  The painting is fabulous, even better than expected.  Thanks so much for sending it off so quickly and safely.  Cheers! Kathleen

Jessie captured a very special and tender moment in my daughter’s and my life. She paints with sensitivity and warmth. She also painted the background beautifully with the water and trees. I highly recommend her art work and will treasure her painting for the rest of my life.” – Thank you sincerely,
Julie Schmoll (Nebraska)

Oh my gosh!!  LOVE, LOVE, LOVE with tears in my eyes… I am in love with this painting.  You are so talented you blow me away.  I love the way you captured his eyes and his expression.  This painting is full of emotion.

– Jennifer

The painting came in perfect condition! Thank you so much, it is beautiful!  My 20month old is fascinated with it and keeps pointing herself out 🙂

– Rebecca

My painting arrived today and it is even better than I had hoped for! I love the way you mounted it in an offset shadow box frame~~ It sets off the painting perfectly!!”Thank you for packaging it so carefully as well. I want everyone to know that when you buy a painting from Jessie, you get the royal treatment!

Thank you again, I am so in love with your work.

– Ann Thompson

I just received this painting today and am so so in love with it, it’s even more perfect in person. Thank you, Jessie.
– Julia



I thought it was great – low pressure – good treats!

Very fun – made me feel welcome and all work is beautiful!

– Abby

Jessie was a fantastic teacher! She was very supportive & so lovely. – Kate Heiberger

Question: Will you return?

Answer: If she will let me come back… 🙂 I’m kind of an unruly student! – Sara Larson

(I love it! I love having you at the studio events!)

Awesome – thx so very much!!! – Robin Mulvey
great experience, very laid back, and made us all feel accomplished and successful!  – Sarah
I thought it was very well done! I would really consider coming again. Especially if you did a “dark night” party.
It was fun and relaxing. I would come back again.
Loved it! It was great to spend time w/ other ladies, tapping into some kind of creative side!
-Molly Kass
You did a good job adjusting your moments of instruction (timing) to the pace of the group. Perhaps have paint available without needing to ask. In future maybe do a quick intro of yourself.
Jessie did a great job making a project that was simple to follow & yet had great results.
I think it was a good time!
So much fun! Great relaxing environment!

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