Brookings SD Art Classes

Brookings Art Classes

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Paint Parties and Classes in my studio are currently available by request.


Informal Mentorship Class

Work on your own project. 

Bring your own painting materials and paint Jessie’s still life setup of the day, or bring source photos of your own to paint.

Jessie, painting Main Street Grain Elevator

This relaxed class is designed for beginning and intermediate oil, acrylic, and watercolor painters – and is open to all subjects. Each class will include short demonstrations, encouragements and the level of critiquing that you want.

$25 for a 2-1/2 hour class / $100 for a 6 hour workshop.

Pay at the door with cash or check or prepay using PayPal.

Let me know if you’re interested and I’ll send you a few date/time options. 


Future Classes

Formal Classes and Workshops

Follow a lesson plan to develop specific painting or drawing skills.

Painting flowers with oil paint. 

This class is for oil painters of any level. I’ll walk you through one method of painting a simple still life setup, and we’ll talk about painting concepts and techniques. I’ll teach you all I can in one day. At the end of the day, you will have the basic knowledge of how to set up an oil painting.

Experimental acrylic painting workshop.

Field Sketching workshop.

Drawing workshop for adults.

Please let me know if one of these ideas interests you!


Private Lessons

For a limited number of people, I will be doing private lessons. It will be $25 for a one hour lesson. The first 1 hour ‘get to know you’ lesson will be free, with no obligations. Call to set up a time.


Work on a painting that Jessie has designed.

Follow a Step by Step painting demonstration by a professional artist & leave with your own masterpiece!

Paint parties are about 2 1/2 hours long, casual and fun. They cost $30, tax, supplies for a 12×16″ painting and a treat included. Pre-registration is required.

The painting will be announced in advance. It might be one of these below or a brand new one. Feel free to make requests!fancy-pants450dragonfly-stained-glassmar26farm2LILY2




Paint Parties

paintparty1 paintparty3


If you missed one of these paint parties (pictures below) and have at least 4 people who would like to paint, just call me and we’ll work out a date and time that works for all of us. I also take requests for new paint party ideas!





Q: How can I register?

          A: Call (605) 695-5815, email, or register with the link on the calendar above.

Q: Do you do birthdays and bachelorette parties?

          A: Sure! I can come to you. Call me to discuss your needs. I’ll come up with a special painting with significance to your special person. Price depends on the number of people, the canvas size, and if it’s an adult or kid function.

Q: How did you decide to lead canvas parties?

          A: I want to help people develop confidence in their creative abilities, through a fun and successful painting experience.

Q: Where is your studio?

          A: South Brookings – 7 minutes south of downtown. Since this is my home studio, I will send you an email with the studio address and driving instructions after you sign up.  Feel free to call or email with any questions! (605) 695-5815,

Q: What’s the cancellation policy?

          A: 48 hour notice required for a full refund. Please give me as much notice as possible, so that I can fill your spot.


Painting Class



Question: What if I don’t have painting supplies?Answer: Give me a call and we can figure out a solution. I can advise you, or sell you a day’s worth of supplies.Q: How can I register?

A: Call (605) 695-5815, or email.

Painting materials (paints and canvas or paper and brushes), a water bottle, snacks, and clothes that you don’t mind getting paint on. Paint Jessie’s still life setup of the day, or bring source photos of your own to paint. If you bring source photos, bring both a black and white YellowRoses1200copy and a color copy. If you don’t know what to bring, feel free to contact me in advance.

  • For oil painters, I’ll email you with some guidelines / suggestions – to keep the fumes to a minimum.
    I have tables, chairs, tabletop easels, aprons, a still life setup and personal assistance!

Since this is my home studio, I will send you an email with the studio address and driving instructions after you sign up.  Feel free to call or email with any questions! (605) 695-5815,

48 hour notice required. If you need to cancel, please give me as much notice as possible, so that I can fill your spot.


Suggested oil painting supply list

  • Canvas –  3 – 5″ x 7″ or 8″ x 10″ wrapped or mounted canvases.
  • Sketchpad or paper
  • A Pencil and a Pen
  • Paint
    • Cadmium Yellow Light
    • Cadmium Red
    • Quinacridone Red
    • Ultramarine Blue
    • Cerulean Blue
    • Titanium White
  • GAMBLIN OIL MEDIUM-SLVNT FREE GEL. Do not bring high VOC oil mediums to class. 
  • A Pallet – It can be glass or wood or just pallet paper, but it should be flat (no cups for colors). I use a cheap picture frame with glass in it for my travel pallet. There are a variety of travel pallets at the art store.
  • Brushes – these are currently my favorite, sold from this page at Jerry’s Artarama.
    • Series 1003 Filbert, # 2, 37993 and
    • Series 1001 Flat, # 8, 37978
  • Brush Cleaning – some paper towels or an old t-shirt, Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS), and an airtight container for the OMS. You can get one specifically for that purpose or use a glass jar with a lid that tightens well. Note that OMS does not fly, so if you order it online, give it some travel time.

What Students Say



I thought it was great – low pressure – good treats!

Very fun – made me feel welcome and all work is beautiful!

– Abby

Jessie was a fantastic teacher! She was very supportive & so lovely. – Kate Heiberger

Question: Will you return?

Answer: If she will let me come back… 🙂 I’m kind of an unruly student! – Sara Larson

(I love it! I love having you at the studio events!)

Awesome – thx so very much!!! – Robin Mulvey
great experience, very laid back, and made us all feel accomplished and successful!  – Sarah
I thought it was very well done! I would really consider coming again. Especially if you did a “dark night” party.
It was fun and relaxing. I would come back again.
Loved it! It was great to spend time w/ other ladies, tapping into some kind of creative side!
-Molly Kass
You did a good job adjusting your moments of instruction (timing) to the pace of the group. Perhaps have paint available without needing to ask. In future maybe do a quick intro of yourself.
Jessie did a great job making a project that was simple to follow & yet had great results.
I think it was a good time!
So much fun! Great relaxing environment!

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