28 Jun

Yellow Light, and Minneapolis Art Gallery wall space

Yellow Light is a very pretty little painting that has been brightening my studio. I’ve been thinking of making large giclee prints of it. I just feel like that would be a happy thing. If that sounds great, let me know. Anyone who expresses interest early will get a nice little gift in the mail when they purchase a print. :)


The folks at Art Resources Gallery in Minneapolis were nice enough to send me a photo of my wall space. Aren’t the frames gorgeous? I’m curious if anyone on my mailing list is in the Minneapolis area and has been in there?

11 Jan

Portrait artist paints tangerines

Borrowed Shadow / 5×7 inches / oil on gessoboard / January Painting Marathon ptg #5 / $100.

I forgot to sign it before taking the photo, so I watermarked it. I’ll put my R on there today.

This is the second painting in the new series I talked about. It’s called Borrowed Shadow because something in the painting was borrowed from my son. And I was busted! The cat decided to wake my son up early… Oh well.

My son asked yesterday why I’ve been painting oranges. I said “I like the color orange,” and he said “Oh! Sure.”

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11 Dec

Portrait artist paints Portrait of children sitting outside, oil painting

Untitled / 6×6 inches / oil on panel. This is a traditional portrait in that I wanted to capture these two beautiful kids and their comfortable connection at that moment. I’m really excited about how this painting turned out.

What should I name this painting? Right now it is “David’s Children” but there seems to be a narrative in this painting. Naming paintings is so hard!

The technical things I was working on were colors, values, brush strokes and edges, and getting the background into the right compromise between supportive and interesting.

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15 Nov

Commissions – Updated and Thanks!

Pink Love / ~10×8 in / oil on canvas / framed / $350
* Purchase * / Love it Guarantee / Talk to Jessie

Update: Thanks to a great repeat collector, I’m booked up for the last commission before Christmas.

There are still a number of paintings available in my Art Gallery, including the paintings shown in this post, and I will have time for more commissions after the holidays. Please feel free to contact me with any questions or comments.

Thank you again!

Orcas / ~ 12×18 in / oil on wood / framed / $500
* Purchase * / Love it Guarantee / Talk to Jessie



Satsuma and Stripes / 5×5 in / oil on panel / unframed / $125
* Purchase * / Love it Guarantee / Talk to Jessie


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04 Jun

Move to South Dakota. Portrait artist paints Unpolished Apples – an oil painting by Jessie Rasche

Unpolished Apples / 8×6 in / oil on wood / available in my gallery of available paintings / inquire / love it guarantee

It is nice to be back online! Our move to South Dakota is pretty much complete now. Today I’ll unpack my studio, with help from my son, of course. But before that we have some serious bike riding planned. During the move, my son asked to have his training wheels off, and has been riding full steam ahead for the last couple weeks. Our new house is a couple blocks from a bike path, which we’ll be visiting frequently.

I have so many paintings floating in my head that need to get out! Love notes to Washington, and also an exploration of this new place…

About the painting shown here:
I worked to convey the dusty quality of these pretty apples. They are fresh off a friend’s tree, and bright patches of the apples show through where fingers have touched them. The apples grew on a tree in Twisp, WA and were painted close to Spokane, WA.

This painting has a similar technique / paint quality to a previous oil painting of flowers and apples.


23 May

Portrait artist paints Wilt – painting of wilting flowers by Jessie Rasche

“Wilt” / 8×6 in / oil painting on canvas / available in my gallery of available paintings / inquire / love it guarantee

Flowers start out beautiful, and then become more and more interesting as they age. Here are some flowers mid-wilt. I really liked the way these flowers have started spraying over the side of the vase. The colors are much nicer in the actual painting – I need to spend some time setting up a photo area, but it’s hard to take the time away from painting… – see other floral paintings

02 May

Setting up at CHASE art gallery to show portrait paintings

Bright and early Monday morning I went down to CHASE Gallery (808 W. Spokane Falls Blvd., Spokane WA) for the May-July show setup. It was a great experience and the show looks fantastic! I hope you’ll be able to come to the opening on Friday.

“Chase Galllery will be hosting a reception for Betty Hageman, Ellen Picken, Kathleen Secrest, and Jessie Lee Rasche on Friday from 4 to 8 p.m. during First Friday! Hope to see you here!” – Spokane Arts Commission

The 4 artists (including me), Karen Mobley of Spokane Arts Commission and one of Karen’s co-workers, whose name I really wish I remembered, all worked together for a couple hours to get the show up on the walls, and in the end it looked amazing. This photo is of some of my paintings, halfway through the decision making process.


18 Apr

Snow Cow painting – landscape painting by Jessie Rasche

Snow Cows / oil on wood / approx 12 x 20 in. / available in my gallery of available paintings / inquire / Love It guarantee

This is a painting of a snowy landscape in central Washington, halfway between Seattle and Spokane off I-90. There are some cows grazing and standing close to each other. Because it was snowy and overcast, the whole scene was washed out with a beautiful warm blue-grey.

I started this painting right over the top of an old painting ‘start’ that I’d set aside, and sketched in the trees and cows right over it. I thought about using  blue or grey for the sketch, since the scene is so monochromatic. But I decided I wanted there to be some excitement, so I sketched in the darker shapes with dark red. You can see evidence of that in the pinkish color around the edges of the trees. After that I focused on getting the colors and values right, and trying to get the depth and the feeling of the day. I love painting washed out snow scenes.  I’d love to read your thoughts.

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Click for large picture


07 Apr

Watercolor Color Chart & easter party news – portrait artist gives painting tips from Jessie Rasche

Aren’t color charts beautiful?

I did this color chart for my watercolor paints. I have six colors, and each one I mixed with each of the others. The colors with the “*” on them are pure. I had some funny surprises. Three of these colors are relatively new to me – I’ve been using them for about a month (hansa yellow, prussian blue and paynes grey), and they weren’t what I expected.

Hansa yellow is not nearly as cool as I had hoped, but it’s a lot more transparent than I had realized. The pressian blue mixed a bit differently than I had expected. And the paynes grey makes some really nice rich colors.

Next I’m going to make a chart and try out 3 color combos – looking for great neutral browns and greys.

I did the same thing for my oil paints a number of months ago and it was really useful.

On a personal note, Happy Easter! This morning a neighbor had an Easter party – an egg hunt and some other fun games. So cute!!!

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06 Apr

Portrait artist paints dad and daughter in Reading – watercolor painting by Jessie Rasche

Here is the “finished” watercolor sketch of a father helping his daughter read and paint. These will be paintings or drawings that are incomplete ideas, but that really like and want to “put out there.” If there seems to be interest, I’ll keep adding to the section. I’d love your feedback!

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Reading / approx 9×10 in / watercolor / email me to purchase or inquire

30 Mar

Scoters – landscape painting of the ocean and birds by Jessie Rasche

UPDATED photo.

In this painting I was going for a that feeling where you can almost see something but not quite… This one is a bit more abstract that the paintings I’ve been doing lately. What do you think?

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Scoters / 30×40 in / oil on canvas / available in my gallery of available paintings / inquire / Love It guarantee


26 Mar

Portrait artist paints Self Portrait – watercolor painting by Jessie Rasche

Here is a watercolor self-portrait painting of me and my son walking in the park. I’m going to hang onto this one for a while – maybe keep it for my upcoming show at CHASE gallery. For available paintings, see my art gallery.

Yesterday was so fun. We bought some inflatable swards at Target and found a little alcove and had a nice long sward fight. And then we had a picnic at Rattlesnake ridge. I want to have a picnic again today, but the rain is pretty heavy and cold. Maybe I can talk him into it anyways. :)

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18 Mar

Portrait artist paints Dad and Daughter Painting

I got quite a ways on a new watercolor painting today. I’m putting it aside to ruminate on the background. I’m loving their portraits too much to be objective right now. (I’d love your comments!)

The last several weeks I keep starting and starting and starting – sometimes with great starts. But I haven’t been in the mood to finish anything. I just want to start! Which I guess is fine since sometimes I get into the mood to just finish things…

Click thumbnail for big image

14 Mar

Orcas Island Sheep – landscape painting by Jessie Rasche

Orcas Island Sheep / 8×12 in / oil on wood / available in my gallery of available paintings / inquire / Love It guarantee

Here’s another painting that I just love, but it took me months to get a decent photo of. I finally have my setup so that I can get a good photo almost every time, and that feels good.

With this landscape painting, I wanted to convey the lushness of the pasture and the enormity and density of the trees behind. There are several sheep, both adults and babies, basking in the sun in the pasture. This was a really beautiful spot on the island.

Click thumbnail below for large image:
impressionism oil painting

13 Mar

Orcas Island in Purple – landscape painting by Jessie Rasche

“Orcas Island II” by Jessie Rasche Approx. 12 in x 18 in / oil on wood / available in my gallery of available paintings / inquire / Love It guarantee

I love this painting, but the original photo I took of it was terrible. I think this shows it a little more accurately. It’s pretty monochromatic – I love painting monochromatic landscape paintings – and very muted purple.

This is a painting I did a while back from a photo from our holiday to Orcas Island. That is a wonderful place to paint – I got a lot of good paintings out of that trip, some plein air and more from photos.

Click picture for large image: