17 Aug

Summer, Gallery news, and Ideas!

landscape paintings, brookings sd

Gold Town | Available

We’re enjoying the last week of summer break with a whirlwind trip including buffalo, beaches, Thai food, Vietnamese food, a wedding & family reunion, a ferry ride, and an eclipse.

My eyes are dancing with so many ideas for new paintings, and once again it will be the editing down of ideas that will be the hardest. In the next few months you will be seeing paintings of a national park and more!

I am excited to announce that Gold Town will be in print next month! More information about that to follow. This little painting is beautifully framed, and has been adding cheer to my studio-gallery wall.

landscape paintings, brookings sd

The Tree and the Tower | Sold

Also, I want to thank a gallery in Minneapolis for several recent sales. Thank you, Art Resources Gallery!

And thank you so much to the collectors who love my work enough to spend your hard earned money on it. I hope you feel appreciated!

Warm Regards,

04 Aug

Horse Art & Brookings Arts Council

I just took this horse painting down to Brookings Arts Council. It’s all framed up and lovely.

horse painting, by Rasche

Trio I am excited to deliver because I feel like the brush quality and level of abstraction is exactly where I want to be as an artist.

This painting will be available for purchase through BAC during the show, and giclee prints and canvas prints are available through me.


I’ve spent the last week completely filling up our local coffee shop with about 20 abstract paintings (and have gotten a lot of positive feedback – thank you!), and now I plan to take a few new landscapes to the South Dakota Art Museum. I’m feeling like I have a good local presence right now!

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

01 Aug

Tiny Treasures

Small & Tiny Representational Paintings. Oil paintings from 5? square (tangerines and violets) to 6×8? (landscapes on left). These are on flat panel and ready to frame (except the yellow roses which is on deep wrapped canvas and ready to hang unframed). Email me to inquire about any of them. (Note: The pink rose, bottom center, has sold and shipped to Canada.)


The fancy rooster on the blue background is available. 16×12? on 3/4? studio wrapped canvas.  Can be hung as they are or framed. Email me to inquire.

Update on abstract works – I’ve filled up the local coffee shop with abstract works. If you’re in Brookings, you can see them at Cottonwood. Many of these works will be available for auction starting at the end of the week. To get updates about abstract work, either Email me or sign up here: http://jessierasche.com/newsletter/

Teal Crescent (these are very reflective and difficult to photograph. The darker top and lighter bottom is just reflection).



These tiny paintings are on flat panel, and are ready to frame. They have a shiny coating, and a varied, textural surface.


06 Jul

Nearest Neighbors has Sold, and Prints Are Here!

Nearest Neighbors
 has sold through Art Resources Gallery in Minneapolis. Thanks!

I’m trying to make my print store great. If you have time to stop by and tell me what you think, it would really help me out! I’ll be adding prints for the next few weeks. If there is a painting of mine that you would like to see as a Giclée print, let me know! Having prints made increases the value of the original painting, so it’s a win-win for collectors. I’d love your thoughts!

Birds in the Bath
Giclée prints from $21 – $174

Low Tide in Gold
Giclée prints from $22-$270

28 Jun

Yellow Light, and Minneapolis Art Gallery wall space

Yellow Light is a very pretty little painting that has been brightening my studio. I’ve been thinking of making large giclee prints of it. I just feel like that would be a happy thing. If that sounds great, let me know. Anyone who expresses interest early will get a nice little gift in the mail when they purchase a print. :)


The folks at Art Resources Gallery in Minneapolis were nice enough to send me a photo of my wall space. Aren’t the frames gorgeous? I’m curious if anyone on my mailing list is in the Minneapolis area and has been in there?

16 Jun

Winner announced, and Island View bird painting

The winner of the small painting is Dodie C.

To claim your prize, just email me at art@jessierasche.com. Shipping’s included in the prize. It’s one of my favorites. Hope you enjoy!

And for everyone else, thanks so much for being on my mailing list. If I can ever be of service, or if you would like some personalized help finding the right painting for you, just let me know. I’m here for you.

landscape paintings of ferry boat, washington

Here’s another painting that has not yet been added to my web site. Just email me if interested. Those birds are looking out at Edmond’s Washington. What a view!

Island View
12×12 inches with deep sides, ready to hang unframed (or frame, if you prefer).
$300 includes shipping.

13 Jun

Sailing Away, available – and Free Shipping week!

Sailing Away, 11×14″, $300, ready to frame, available. This painting  was a sketch idea for a larger painting, but I think it came out well and holds it’s own as a painting.

Free shipping all week! To take advantage of that, just email me with which painting you are interested in, and I’ll send you an invoice sans shipping.

Here are a couple of the available paintings:

Trio, painting of three horses and a farm
Trio, 11×14″, ready to frame, $400. 

Pipestone National Park, 11×14″, simply framed award winning painting. $400.

Blue Skies, 48×60″, $4800, ready to hang unframed, available.

flower paintings, by Rasche
Dancing Ladies, 5×5″, ready to frame, $175. 

Other news: My abstract art web site is up and running! If you check it out, I’d love your feedback.

29 May

A Well Pressed Shirt, portrait of working man

portrait painting, by Rasche
I am feeling very inspired to paint more of this sort of portrait – of people doing their thing. If you’re a local business owner, and it would be OK for me to come out and take pictures (or paint on site) of you or your staff cooking, tending the till, feeding cows, constructing a house… anything like that… call or send me an email.  

(This portrait painting is almost done with it’s museum tour!)

12 May

#10: Yin and Yang, blue abstract art

#10, Yin and Yang, 16×12″, acrylic on canvas, available.

This is my last of the 10 abstract acrylic explorations at this price. You can see the whole series here.

I’m going to get back to posting representational work in this newsletter. I’ll have a separate space for writing about and showing abstract works. If you’re interested in seeing that, click through here. 


I was excited to put a video in my last newsletter, but the image / video link didn’t show up. If you’d like to see that video it’s here.

#9, Water, 12×16″, available. I really like this one. Hope you like it too.

Purchase here: http://jessiesfineart.com/gallery/water-12×16-215/


02 May

NASA inspired paintings, and blogging about it.

#8, Edge, 12×16″, acrylic on canvas. Available here: http://jessiesfineart.com/gallery/edge-12×16-abstract-art/

After these last 2 “acrylic explorations”, I’m going to go back to using this blog just for my representational paintings – hopefully lots of new mom or dad and baby portraits! And South Dakota and Minnesota landscapes.

I’m launching a separate website for my “Geographical Abstract” paintings, to not turn off the collectors on this list who read it for my representational works.

Many of the acrylic paintings I’ve been doing are inspired by photos NASA takes of Earth, so it’s almost like they’re just distant rather than abstract. They look at the same time like a microscopic picture and like a telescopic picture…

Here is Edge hanging on the wall.

28 Apr

Searching, acrylic exploration #7

Searching, 12×16″, acrylic. Available here: http://jessiesfineart.com/gallery/searching-12×16-abstract-art-2/

Oh my gosh, I love this one. I’d love to know what you think. I am just so excited about the colors and textures and the movement…

If you missed one of the newsletters and want to see the available abstracts, they are here: http://jessiesfineart.com/product-category/abstract-art-2/acrylic-painting-small/

27 Apr

Sea, acrylic exploration #6

Sea, acrylic on canvas, 12×16″, available at my Web Abstract Art Gallery

Here it is again, with my studio chair. 

This painting is all about visual texture, and the colors of the sea. It’s one of my favorites so far. Hope you like it.


If you missed a newsletter, you can see the whole series here: Web Abstract Art Gallery

27 Apr

Spray, acrylic exploration #5

Spray, acrylic on canvas, 12×16″, Available at my Web Abstract Art Gallery.

Here it is again, without direct lighting. 

This painting was all thick acrylic paint, brushes and pallet knife. I was thinking about flowers opening, and landscapes with steep cliffs, but this one is all about colors and shapes.

This painting has edges that are kind of raw.