30 Nov

Blue Eyes, wild horse portrait

The portrait is wild, not the horse. :)

Blue Eyes, 7″x5″, oil on linen, available. If this is a gift, I would be happy to gift-wrap the painting and add a card with your name and note. Please just note that when you check out, or give me a call.

I have been really enjoying painting horses! I feel a sort of kinship with them that just makes the paint flow. There is something about all the personality that shows in their faces, and the combination of power and grace that is captivating…


I think this would look really cool huge on the wall, so prints are available here.

28 Nov

Finishing a Horse and Woman Portrait, Hanging a Portrait

Just finished, and still wet on the easel, is this young woman and horse portrait painting. Here is the project video. I hope you find it interesting!

There is still time for one more person to commission a portrait before the Holidays, so if you’ve been thinking about having a portrait done, this is a great time to call (605-695-5815).

dsc_1107-ind dsc_1107-jor

Here is the portrait “The Story She Told”, hung in it’s beautiful new home. Thank you for the photos, Erika!

erikapainting2 erikapainting

02 Nov

Portrait Framing

Yesterday I met a new collector at the frame shop. She, the framer and I all looked at framing options together. It was a great experience. In the past, either I frame a painting myself, or the collector frames it. I’ve never met at a framing shop before.

Over the last several years I’ve found a couple really nice frames that I love and have gotten good feedback on, that tend to work well with most paintings. I usually use those frames when a collector prefers me to do the framing. But occasionally they aren’t quite right for a painting, so I’m off to the frame shop.

The decision in the frame shop can take many hours, and I always wonder “will the collector love the details, or wish it was more simple,” or the opposite…

I know that a lot of collectors and other artists also struggle with this. The options are endless, from simple almost invisible contemporary frames or no frame at all, to huge or ornate frames… Usually one frame just works the best at pulling out what is most important in the painting, and matching the collector’s taste. It can take time to find that one frame, but then when you see it framed and hung, that time was well worth it.

The frame my lovely collector ended up choosing is simple, textural and dark, but not ornate. It’s going to be great. I can’t wait to see it framed and hung!


If you’re considering a portrait as a holiday gift, and the portraits I paint resonate with you, click here for information.