26 Oct

Horse Portraits & Paintings

I’m super excited to be one of 4 new members this year, of the Institute of Equine Artists! Thank you IEA!

There is something about horses that has been captivating me. Back in Spokane, there was a horse rescue organization that would bring a few of their sweet wonderful horses to the apple orchard once a year, and that was the first time my son rode a horse, at 3. It was magical.

That was 6 years ago, and since then I’ve been enchanted by horses, and by the unique relationships people have with horses. And of course I express that through painting.

dancingmem trio-mem

22 Oct

Horse and woman portrait painting sketches

horse paintings, portrait artistsI’m well into a very fun portrait project. A few weeks ago I took (a couple hundred) photos of this lovely young woman and her horse.  They chose 5 photos that may be the right one, and I made sketches to make it easier to choose. Here are 2 of the 5 sketches.

It’s hard to see how a painting might turn out when the background and other extra info is competing for attention, and so sketches help both me with my process and the collector with deciding…

I really love painting horses and people together, and these two are such a striking pair. I can’t wait to find out which one of these gets to the heart of what they want to remember.

(Click here for portrait information.)

16 Oct

Windmill, Minnesota landscape painting

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I love the windmills around South Dakota and Minnesota. There’s an area on the Western edge of Minnesota that I drive through on my way to my mom’s house that is pretty glorious. The windmills look like giant flowers all spread around.



01 Oct

Aha, in art and elsewhere. South Dakota, portrait painting.

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Have you had an “aha” period of time where you felt like your personal style was becoming evident? Like in your horse riding method, or the way you write or do your accounting or care for your patients?

Recently I’m having that feeling. Especially with the landscape paintings from yesterday’s post… It feels really good. It’s subtle, though. I feel like something I’ve been searching for, or trying to put my finger on for a long time about what I want to say, has become evident to me.


The answer to the riddle (What artwork makes your home happy) is “artwork that you love.” If you can come back to a painting 6 times and it brings you joy every time, it will bring happiness into your home. As with any relationship, some people bond instantly, and some gradually. But for most people it takes 6 visits with a painting to know if you love it. Just listen to your heart.


01 Oct

Farm paintings: Do you miss the Midwest? South Dakota artist.

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I’d love to hear from anyone who has moved away from the Midwest and smiles when they see this sort of farmland. It seems like a home town can really be in your soul, and I’m hoping my paintings can bring joy to people who miss it. That they can be a piece of the Midwest, where you are now.

(This is my in-studio collection of mid sized South Dakota / Midwestern landscape paintings.)