18 Aug

Horse paintings (available) Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

I’ve been working on this painting for a couple weeks, and took progression photos. The block-in phase is one of my favorites, maybe because it’s full of so much possibility. I really like how this one came out. The differences at the end are subtle – the shadow colors, the grasses and edges and horse details.

Can anyone in the Brookings, SD area tell which farm this is? Hint: it’s to the West.

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18 Aug

Angel, available. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.


This little porcelain angel came home with me almost a year ago, but this is my first time painting it.

Using the pallet knife this much was an experiment for me. I did an under-wash of greenish, and let that dry before painting it with a pallet knife in shades of purple and grey. I like how the texture from the undercoat came through…

Bid here (no reserve – since this is an experiment): http://www.dailypaintworks.com/buy/auction/592495

15 Aug

Portrait painting: Boys on a Merry Go Round. Minnesota and South Dakota.

I really like this little painting of boys playing on a merry go round. The scene was so free and exciting; I’ve painted it many times. It was from a powwow¬†we went to back in Washington, and there were lots of children playing on this old metal merry go round. Our son had so much fun.

This painting is now up for auction. Click here to bid.

(I’m doing auctions for one month. Stay posted.)