28 Jul

Portrait painting of mom and daughter. South Dakota artist.

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Here is the finished portrait of my beautiful friends Erika and Seija. Thank you so much for sitting for me (for so long) for the sketches!

I’ve been working on this portrait for a while. It’s the first one where I specifically asked someone to sit in my studio for me, for a few hours of simple paintings to get their colors, and then photos to work from…

I love painting portraits, and I hope it shows in the painting.

10 Jul

Farm and pasture painting. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

I changed up the tree and greenery in the foreground quite a bit. Here’s the latest version of this painting. So much more pallet knife work… and paint! I feel like it’s more interesting, but also stands out from the rest of the painting more. What do you think?

Latest iteration:

Previous version:

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01 Jul

Cow painting. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

Last weekend we went to the Artist Retreat with SD Artists Alliance at The Retreat at Pointer’s Ridge. It was a great group and a wonderful location. Any artists in the area, I recommend checking out both.

(Painting is “Girl Next Door” – it’s the cows that moved into the field next to us – 12×24″,http://jessiesfineart.com/gallery/girl-next-door/)