26 Jan

Available Paintings

Orcas Island, 12×18″, $550.


Just a quick note about available paintings before I head over to the window to paint a winter scene. Just email or call me to purchase or inquire about paintings shown here.

Violet, 8×10″, $340.

Pears with a View, 11×14″, $400.

Sunset over Farm, 11×14″, $400.



Email to purchase or with any questions. Please feel free to share with your friends! 

23 Jan

Fruit painting: pears. Minnesota and South Dakota paintings.

My experiment of trying to use my round pointed portrait brushes as my main paint brushes for still lifes was really interesting. I disliked it! My pallet and tools for still lifes and landscapes has become completely different from my pallet and brushes for portraits (or the other way around).

So last week I set myself up for success with the backlit still life that I find so inspiring, and pulled out my square brushes. What do you think?

The Pears with a View painting is being held for an upcoming show. But see all of my available paintings here:



12 Jan

Flower painting: violets (available). Minnesota and South Dakota paintings.

I’ve noticed that some vibrant greens and oranges and violets have been making appearances in my paintings occasionally. The last couple days I’ve been really enjoying that and going with it.

I am always completely astounded by how different paintings look outside in the shade (1st picture) vs inside with indirect light.

This painting is not currently available; here are all my available works: http://jessierasche.com


violet2-450 violet2-inside450

07 Jan

Yellow Sun, Minnesota and South Dakota large landscape paintings.

I’ve been trying to capture the amazing sky colors of South Dakota ever since we moved here, but have wiped most of my efforts. This painting was started about a month ago, and then yesterday I realized that I wanted my sky to be darker and more dramatic, and now I really like it. Hope you do too! $600 unframed / $700 framed. Email me or Purchase here:

Unframed / Framed