26 Apr

Reaching for the Light SOLD. Minnesota and South Dakota flower paintings.

I wanted to do a much closer up painting of the same yellow flowers from yesterday. And I wanted the background to be sort of a chaotic party of paint, the way flowering bushes seem when you’re up close. What do you think? Here it is modeling in our kitchen. Available. Email me (jessie@jessiesfineart.com) to inquire.Reaching-for-Light-onwall50


20 Apr

Flower painting. Minnesota and South Dakota flower paintings.

I have had a long-standing love of flowers in their declining days. These flowers are at that stage and it has caused them to relax around each other. They look to me like they would love each other with their last breath.

I’m having a completely retro month! All the things about this that are inspired by paintings I’ve found in my studio cleanup:

1) Painting on gessoed wood. Good grief a lot of paint was sucked up! But on the bright side the pallet knife was super fun and useful on this surface, and brush strokes have a very different and prominent effect.

2) Lemon yellow has officially made a comeback on my pallet. :) I’m starting to get the hang of how to not let it take over.

3) I primarily used a 3/4″ paint brush and pallet knife for almost the whole painting.

4) It’s a still life painting in the window, with the focus on the light shining through.

5) The painting was available on Ebay.

Please let me know what you think of my current art direction.



19 Apr

Three of a Kind (available). Minnesota and South Dakota artist.

Maybe it’s because hide and seek is a favorite past time around our house, but that little horned owl egg timer looks like he’s thinking “you can’t see me, you can’t see me.”


I’m starting to feel the still life love again. What do you think?


17 Apr

Portrait of barista. Minnesota and South Dakota portrait artist.

Purchase here: http://jessiesfineart.com/?p=3025

About the painting

I’ve been off sugar for almost a month now. When my son and I drive down to Sioux Falls, sometimes we stop at the drive through coffee shop on the way; he gets a muffin and I get a 1 million calorie coffee drink. So this week when we were heading out of town, he asked if we could stop at the coffee shop, and when I was ordering his muffin I realized I could still get a plain old black coffee as a treat. This adorable barista suggested that I could get a sugar free marshmallow flavored 2% latte which a month ago would have sounded revolting, but this week it was wonderful.

I wish I’d asked her name for naming this painting, but I didn’t so it’s “Coffee Angel.” Can you see from the painting how joyous I am about that coffee she made for me?


Painting Lessons

Q  Tell us about your painting lessons. Will you have them on the Internet ?

A  Thank you Augusta for asking about my painting lessons! I would love to teach small groups of 4-12 adult students in a casual supportive environment, at my studio, where I would help the students achieve their painting goals. I would give painting tips, suggestions, and live demonstrations of relevant painting and drawing concepts, in order to help students move forward with their artistic vision. Bring your own supplies and painting subject (or I will have a still life setup). For price I’m thinking somewhere around $10 for advance signup, $12 otherwise, for 1 1/2 hours on Saturday mornings at 10 or 11am. For individual lessons, the price would be more like $15 for a 45 minute lesson. I would be open to online teaching through Skype if it seems like that would be of value to you.

What do you think? I’m open to suggestions and want to make this desirable for at least 4 people!

15 Apr

Mother’s Day Portrait? And “Desire”, 6×8″ oil painting of ceramic bird, flowers and painted flower pots, and Thank You Ann.

There is still time to get a portrait of your favorite mom and child in time for Mother’s Day! If you’re interested, call or email me right away.

Lately I’ve been naming my paintings during the setup process, which is a lot of fun. Doesn’t this bird look like she wants to be just a little closer to those flowers?

Yesterday I fought a battle with lemon yellow and lost badly. I had been cleaning up my studio (to start teaching painting lessons for grown ups – call or email if you’re interested), and I ran across a couple old paintings with vibrant yellow-green that I just can’t create with my current pallet. I couldn’t remember why I took lemon yellow off my pallet in the first place, so I put it right back on there yesterday. And then after many hours of struggling with a painting I realized why I took it off my pallet in the first place!

So today it’s still on my pallet, but way down in the corner where I can’t accidentally mix it with anything. There’s a little of it in the flowers here, but it’s no where else on the canvas.





Thank you so much, Ann, for the collector photos! Your home is beautiful. Here is Courthouse under Yellow Sky (part of my Brookings series) in it’s new home at Ann’s house.


13 Apr

Cow and farm painting. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

I was so excited when these cows moved in next door last year. Recently several of them have had babies (2 are in this painting) and they’re so neat to watch growing up. I’ve been surprised how different these girls look from their busty cousins that I usually paint. What do you think?

Detail (mom and baby on the lower right):


Full painting in full light:


11 Apr

Bird painting: turkey vulture (available). Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

I wish I could dress as well as Her! She’s even wearing red high heals. I had no idea turkey vultures have so many beautiful colors in their feathers. At least, I think this is a turkey vulture – please correct me if I’m wrong! I got several photos of her airing in the wind before she swooped off. She’s just lovely to me.

See bigger / purchase here: http://jessiesfineart.com/?p=3007

dressed-for-dancing-detailMy April paintings will all be shown here: http://jessiesfineart.com/product-category/april-madness/

09 Apr

Flower painting: I Miss You (available). Minnesota and South Dakota paintings.

Don’t these tulips look like they miss eachother? I felt a little sorry for them – but they’re reunited now. :)

Getting their little mouths to glow was a big challenge for me…

This is the first still life painting I’ve made in … so long I’ve lost track. I’ll post the progress of this one shortly – you’ll laugh. I was basically painting in the dark because I didn’t want to light the front of the flowers. Yes, I could have lit just my canvas – I’ll do that next time. I’m going to have a month of lots of still lifes, to help me reach my goal of 22 paintings in the next month.



08 Apr

Duet, 10×8 in oil painting portrait (NFS). Minnesota and South Dakota portrait paintings.

Detail above. Full painting below.

This is my son and his lovely piano teacher practicing for their duet in this Saturday’s concert. It’s When the Saints Come Marching In. He’s doing really well with his timing and dynamics (and of course she’s amazing). More about portraits: http://jessiesfineart.com/commission-a-portrait.html


02 Apr

Caden & Otter in the Light. Minnesota and South Dakota portrait paintings.

Caden & Otter in the Light | 16×20 in |oil on canvas | (nfs) Portrait Commission Info

Were there any good pranks in your life yesterday?

My son got me with his first really effective April fools prank. He’s 7, so in the past they’ve been cute and sweet, but this one really got me good. Heath’s in for it when he gets home, so I can’t spill the beans in case he reads this – but it involved a nice little bit of coding on Caden’s part, a few seconds of panic (for me), a lot of laughing (both of us)… And I’m very impressed (as I often am).

About this painting: Some of my paintings just come straight together Alla prima (painted all at once), but once in a while I’ll spend weeks or months living with a painting and making changes until it says “I’m done.” This painting is one of those… I started it a few months ago and you’ve seen a couple progress photos. Finally yesterday I decided it needed some simplification and clarity about the light source, so I got rid of the stripes in his pants and made the bottom of the lit area of the couch a more clear shape, and made the whole light area blue… and made Otter’s shadow more of a cartoon shadow, as a nod to the Calvin & Hobbes book being read. What do you think?



There’s still time to Enter to win a custom painting! Just refer a friend to my e-newsletter.

Happy Birthday Dianne H.!