31 Mar

Space (SOLD). Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

Going down the road in South Dakota, you look to the left and to the right and there are lovely fields with hay bales and the occasional house and barn surrounded by wind blocking trees. It’s a sparse vast land that is just full of color. That’s why this painting is named “Space.”

Sometimes I have to just let a painting live in the studio for a long time before I’m ready to ‘put it out there’. Does that happen to you? This is definitely one of those.

Purchase here ($2,490 includes frame and shipping in the US and Canada), or see up close here. Comment, email or call with any questions.


30 Mar

White Wind. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

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These buildings are thick and messy. I spread on a LOT of paint and smeared it with my pallet knife. The buildings look wind blown to me, which is how I’ve been feeling lately. I started running again about a week ago and feel like a leaf blowing around in the wind while I’m out there. The wind is tangible here in South Dakota. I have to keep my face down to keep wind from rushing in my nose, and cover my ears, and my lips are covered with dirt after the first mile. It’s worth it for how unreasonably proud of myself I am when I get home! What do you think of this one?

BTW, you can see this painting much larger at http://jessiesfineart.com/?p=2983



27 Mar

The Tree and the Tower (available). Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

8×10 in., oil on stretched canvas, ready to frame.

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This water tower looks so alien to me – like it just landed on our planet to survey – and of course it is surveying that lovely tree! OK, this painting is a little bit of a tree portrait. I just love trees.  I think this is one of my best landscapes. Your comments are appreciated, as always!



26 Mar

Charcoal drawing of LJ, Minnesota and South Dakota portrait paintings.

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Tuesday night figure drawing was fun. LJ wore a fancy old fashioned outfit with suspenders and a neat had. Here’s my charcoal drawing. I love kneaded erasers, and find myself to do most of my “drawing” with the eraser. (If you’re in Brookings and like life drawing, you’re hereby invited to join us on Tuesdays! Just comment or email me for details)


22 Mar

Farm Rainbow (AVAILABLE). Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

The working title of this painting was “50 shades of red” but I wasn’t sure how well that would go over… This is a beautiful farm that we pass every time we drive back to Brookings from Sioux Falls. After many photos of this farm I finally got some usable source pictures. The cows were outside the fence lounging around and looked more like pets than livestock – which I very much enjoyed seeing. I ended up naming this painting rainbow because of all the luscious reds, violets and orange colors in the middle and the blue and yellow top and bottom. It’s very primary. What do you think?


You can see a larger image and/or purchase this painting at http://jessiesfineart.com/gallery/brookings-farm-rainbow/

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19 Mar

Cow and farm paintings. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

The spring colors of the fields in South Dakota are beautiful, and change constantly. Here’s a vista of cows on the slightly rolling hills around Brookings. I love the rainbow of rich colors in the fields around here. Velvety browns, oranges, and violet in the distance, and the sky could be anywhere between grey to vibrant blue to orange or purple. In this painting it’s a subtle blue grey.

You can purchase this painting, or see it larger, at http://jessiesfineart.com/gallery/brookings-series-spring-orange-with-cows/. The paintings in the South Dakota series are available now for the low price of $350 unframed.

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12 Mar

Equestrian horse painting. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

I’m really obsessed with dramatic skies! This is one of my favorite places in Brookings, SD. It’s the Equestrian Center (not sure of it’s official name). Last summer my son took a child and parent horsemanship class there (which he loved). The horses seem so happy, and the people who work with them as well.

There are 6 horses in this painting; they’re a bit hidden. I’m still working hard on figuring out trees. What do you think?

Detail below. For full image go to http://jessiesfineart.com/blog


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06 Mar

Whatsit (SOLD) Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

This is another painting for my tour of Brookings through paintings. (There must be a better way to phrase that.)

This cool place is a block west of Main Street downtown, by the railroad tracks. I had a lot of fun with the colors on this one. Do you recognize this place?

Detail of painting:


See http://jessiesfineart.com/blog for the full painting. Please forward if you know people who would be interested.

05 Mar

The Blue Water Tower (available). Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

This is the blue water tower viewed from the road to the South by the new elementary school. We come this way home from Sioux Falls, and it’s a pretty view.

I find this tower challenging to paint because it’s so big and blue and solid – but I think all the color of the street and the grass coming through the snow and the red deciduous trees around the green pine trees, and the traffic and crazy blue sky – balance it out. What do you think?

This painting is also destined for the South Dakota Art Museum. I’ll post about it when it’s available in the gift shop there.

Detail (see the whole painting at http://jessiesfineart.com/blog):


03 Mar

Campanile, Brookings, SDSU. Minnesota and South Dakota landscape paintings.

This is “Campanile on a clear March day” (Can you suggest a better name?). For some reason this painting isn’t photographing well. The trees are very dark and have a lot of red in them, and the snow a cool color. I’ll try again later for a better photo.  That person walking looked to me like a teacher on their way to teach class.

I’m planning a whole series of that building in different weather and light, as part of a painting journal of Brookings, SD, which I’m hoping to publish into a book when I make enough of them. The paintings will be at SD Art Museum as soon as they’re framed up.


The second painting is a Afternoon Stroll getting boxed up and shipped out (Thanks Janet!). I really like that painting. I’m going to keep trying at that idea.


Cow Clouds looked very lovely framed, and also shipped out yesterday (Thanks Ann!). I forgot to take a picture of it framed up, though. I received a lot of great feedback / compliments about this painting, and am really excited about how it turned out.


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