21 Feb

Cow painting. SOLD. Landscape painting of cows. “Cold Noses”

Cold Noses

I really love painting cows, especially in the snow. The most challenging part of this painting was trying to get the shadows and highlights the right values. If you look closely you’ll see some subtle value and temperature shifts in the highlights of these cows. I am planning to paint a large painting based on this one.

Thank you for viewing my art!

painting of cows in the snow

17 Feb

Landscape painting, snow in South Dakota (SOLD)

Snowscape 1
12×9 inches, oil

Here’s my first go at a plein air snowscape in South Dakota! This day was tough – the little trees and things in the distance kept disappearing and reappearing… And I realized I really want to learn how to paint the barren trees… More yards of canvas and re-reading my Carlson’s Guide to Landscape Painting book are in my future.



12 Feb

South Dakota winter; trees and snow and us in the backyard

I’m mostly off-line right now. We’re half-way between here and there… Here I am with my son setting up camping chairs at the edge of our ‘yard’ to watch the 14 deer on the other side!

I hope your winter is bringing you fun!


Three paintings are up for bid, and a couple are ending soon. Happy bidding!

irises-jessierasche SOLD

Angel-and-Oranges-jessieras Available. Email me to inquire.

kiss-jessierasche SOLD




09 Feb

Thank you Linda!

garlic-jessierascheThank you Linda Fisler for including my Garlic paintings in your AMO Painting Challenge article! Visit Linda’s web site to see her beautiful work and to read her insightful fine art articles.

Personal note: We camped out in our new house last night. There’s a young deer that has been hanging out in the back yard under a group of trees, and an owl that hooted… And I can not wait to make paintings of the snow and trees!





Two paintings are up for bid (click painting to view or bid):



06 Feb

Portrait artist paints Angel and the Oranges

“Angel and the Oranges”
9″ x 12″, oil paint on mounted canvas (RayMar), $180
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Thank you for viewing my art!

Totally non-painting related personal note: We’re getting our new house keys Friday morning! Yay! And this afternoon we do the walk-through and get to decide exactly where my son’s new hockey tournament metal will go. :)

The studio is already completely mapped out in my head. And I have have time for 1  last commission for February, so if you have been thinking about commissioning a portrait, this is a great time to call me.

About this painting

I love painting fruit and flowers and wanted to add some figures into the mix, so I recently brought home 2 angels (and a bird that has already appeared in a painting) for still life setups. The angel shown here has a beautiful deep pink marbled glass body and a sweet shape. She looks like she’s watching over the oranges. This painting has warm tones of pinks, purples, oranges, and a little red where the vase and oranges reflect off of each other, and white daisies and cutting boards.

This is an original oil painting by American artist Jessie Rasche. Jessie has shown in galleries in Washington and California and paints in her studio in South Dakota. Jessie’s artwork has been described as Plein Air Style, Impressionist, Energetic, and occasionally Whimsical or Soft.