28 Dec

Let Down Your Peel – painting of an orange, or is that Rapunzel?

Let Down Your Peel / 8×6 in / oil on linen / See Available Still Life Paintings

I had a lot of fun setting this one up. Another satsuma, calling to her friend. I was experimenting with a low key pallet with a master color (orange). I think the shadows on the peel were the most successful part…

26 Dec


Satsuma / 6×6 in / oil on linen on panel / See Available Still Life Paintings

I hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday! I had a complete blast.

I’ve started up several paintings of oranges and satsumas; this is the first to get finished. What’s it doing there? It’s sitting on brown paper. The brown paper is evading me and I’m going to make more tries at it. That’s a little piece of tape off on the far left.

22 Dec


I just finished the largest portrait commission I’ve done so far. I worked really hard on it and am very happy with the results, but was pretty anxious waiting for the collector’s feedback… But he said it’s “wonderful.” Yeah! I don’t want to spoil any holiday surprises, so here is just a tiny piece of the painting.

Just started an orange painting this morning.