29 Oct

Enjoying the Waves

“Enjoying the Waves” 30 x 40 inches, oil on canvas. Contact me for information.

You’ve probably noticed that I really enjoy painting birds. Painting the Scoters was harder than painting crows or geese, for some reason. These birds are just having a good time floating around. I guess they’re surfers.

I’ve been seeing a lot of geese and wild turkeys lately around here. The wild turkeys are nothing like the domestic ones – they look like peacocks to me (without the color).

Don’t forget to e-mail me with photos of moms and kids bonding for my Mom Loving project. Thanks!

20 Oct

Portrait artist paints a mom and children

I love the way Rebecca is adoring her baby and snuggling with her older daughter in this picture, and the wind-blown hair!

SOLD, Rebecca, Catherine and Esme, 6×6, oil on canvas. See available paintings.

Read more about the Mom Loving portrait project here. Email me to submit photos for this project.

As an aside, I have a  collection of art books that I read and reread. I’ve been rereading Kevin Macpherson’s Fill Your Oil Paintings with Light & Color book, again. He always gives me things to think about, and this week I’m going to focus on values.

12 Oct

portrait artist – Mom Loving Project, portrait #1. (#3352)

I am excited to post the first “Mom Loving” portrait. This baby is looking into his mom’s eyes with such adoration.

SOLD. approx 5×5 inches, oil on wood. Email to submit photos for this project.

We’re almost done moving my painting studio upstairs. Sunday and yesterday I had things set up enough to paint in there. Yeah! I worked on my big painting of scoter birds floating together – it’s getting close. I’ve got a bunch of brushes soaking in Murphy Oil soap (thanks Carol Marine!), and my computer desk is rearranged to be a great painting table. A clean start feels good.

03 Oct

Portrait artist paints a July scene

On the Fourth of July a couple years ago we went downtown Kirkland to watch the parade. When a bunch of kids on bikes and a few unicycles rode by, my then 1 year old son ran right out to join the parade. So cute! I’m bringing him back to the sidelines here.

Contact me for information.

This is the most complex painting I’ve attempted. Can you see the crowd? (And the flower in the baby’s hand?)