20 Aug

Road To La Grande – landscape painting by Jessie Rasche

Road to La Grande / 36×24 / oil on canvas / see my gallery of available paintings / inquire

My son and my mom and her dogs and I went for several walks ‘on the mountain,’ and every time we drove back down I was taken by this scene with a barn-house and these beautiful colors.

I did a fair amount of rearranging elements for artistic reasons – mostly in the mountains. I am really happy with the design elements in this painting – the receding green-blue-aqua-blue violet colors as well as the bare land that repeats in the foreground and on that first mountain. I am really happy with this painting!landscape oil painting by J Rasche

17 Aug

Landscape Stripes

“Landscape Stripes” / 12×16 inch / water soluble oil on canvas panel / Email to purchase or inquire

On the drive home from my mom’s house a few weeks ago, we passed this area of farmland, where I could just see the striped area behind the near hills. I really enjoy striped farmlands for some reason.

With this painting I tried out water soluble oil paints, again. It felt a little like painting with gouache. I like some of the qualities of this paint – the vibrancy, and something I can’t really put my finger on. But it will definitely take some getting used to.


13 Aug

View from Mt Emily – landscape painting

View from Mt Emily / 24×36 in / oil painting on canvas / $1225 / inquire

While we were visiting my mom, she took us up to a walking path on Mt Emily several times. It was beautiful up there – especially when looking down on the valley below. My son ran and ran on the trail and could have kept on running the trail all day…

I love the way grasslands on the Eastern side of Oregon and Washington turn somewhere between red and green in certain months. Can you see the little bits of town right at the bottom of the mountain?

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