25 Jun

Orcas Island V

“Orcas Island V” – 24″ x 28″ – oil painting on canvas  – Email to purchase or inquire

I’m really happy with that second island – the one on the left – with the little lights reflecting in the water and the colors back there.

I really got a lot of paintings – landscapes, seascapes and skyscapes / cloud formations out of our vacation in the San Juan Islands a few months ago and the drive home. Now I’m getting really excited about the colors and lushness of Eastern Washington. There is a series of very large paintings of a neat area about 8 miles from home that has been increasingly itching at me for the last couple weeks…

*Please allow 2-4 weeks for framing.  If you prefer to purchase the painting unframed, either to hang frame-less or to have framed yourself, email me and I will set up a special invoice for you.

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22 Jun

Duck painting by portrait artis, in progress

“Ducks, painting in progress” – 24×36 – oil on canvas

I started this painting some time ago and then put aside. This is a painting of the ducks at Rattlesnake Ridge swimming in the reedy river, with some bare trees behind them.

I can’t tell if it’s a “false start” or not, mainly because I like the wild dark reflection in the water. It seems like it has potential, but also some basic issues. Any ideas?

11 Jun

Orcas Island IV

“Orcas Island IV” –  24 in x 36 in – $1225 – Email to purchase or inquire

I’ve been working on some larger oil paintings the last couple weeks. This is the last one to start and the first one to finish. It’s based on Orcas Island II, but I wanted to explore the pink colors more. There’s a really nice glow to the trees on the right. All those shapes in front of the near island are sail boats. Can you see the ferries in front of the more distant island?