14 May

bird painting by portrait artists: Crow Looking 2

SOLD. “Crow Looking 2” –  5 in x 7 in – oil on wood

This small, affordable painting is framed and ready to brighten your wall.

I’m really enjoying this color scheme, and all the character of the crow.This guy is standing in the grass looking out at the trees at the edge of the grassy field. It was beautiful and sunny.

“Crow Looking Forward” –  5 in x 7 in – oil on wood – Email for purchase info.I love crows. They’re so smart and expressive, and they have such a good sense of humor. This guy just flew down out of a tree, and hopped around checking out the park before flying off again.


12 May

Dusk – landscape painting of eastern washington by Jessie Rasche

“Dusk” / 12 in x 20 in, oil on wood / available in my gallery of available paintings / inquire / Love It guarantee

This is a little piece of Eastern Washington, off I-90, in the dusk. You can see the sun shining through the tops of the trees, and the green and red colors of the shadowed field. Even though there isn’t much sky up there, this painting is about light in the sky.

I was jury-accepted into the Little Spokane River Artist Studio Tour, which will be on September 25, 2010. It’s a talented group of artists; I’m excited that they accepted me. I’ll post more about that as it gets closer.

11 May

Coming Home 5, Dusk Skies (Cloudy Skies SERIES)

I started another larger (~12×20) painting of the farm fields in Eastern Washington yesterday, and am really happy with how it is turning out. I’m going for that feeling of dusk, with the red/green farm land, and purple mountains.

On a personal note, this has been a world-wind of a week. My son turned 3 on Saturday. Three! He’s growing so fast. It seems like he’s a completely different person from a year ago in certain ways, but still the same in the important ways – as sweet as can be, and gracious, and energetic. And then my husband had his birthday yesterday!  Happy birthday!

07 May

Coming Home 4

“Coming Home 4” / 12 in x 20 in, oil on wood professionally framed / $425

This was kind of a sexy hillside with it’s dips and bumps and small patches of blue plants. And the clouds were amazing.

(Cloudy Skies SERIES) (#3332)

06 May

Coming Home 2

Coming Home 2 / 12 in x 18 in, oil on wood / professionally framed / $425

I’ve been working on this one for a few days, and boy oh boy did it use a lot of paint! there’s a little bit of impasto, but mostly I just tweaked the colors again and again, trying to get the feeling just right. This is a farm house and park a few miles from home that I just love and plan to paint a lot of. The roof of the farm house is metal, and very shiny in certain light, and the grass has really neat reds and greens… With this painting I really wanted to capture the excitement of the cloudy sky, but also the way the colors of the land and of the sky work together.

01 May

Sun Through Spring Trees

Sun On Spring Trees / 6×8 in / oil on wood / $180

This is another painting of the same scene from yesterday. Yesterday I painted a bit of the river that was unobscured by the trees, and today I painted a bit that is obscured by trees. I find through the trees scenes difficult to paint, but I really enjoy them. I like this painting – the horizontal planes in the background and the vertical silhouette in the foreground, and that pallet. I am starting to really enjoy this extremely limited pallet.(#3330)