19 Nov

Venice Colors


“Venice 1”
6×8 in, oil on wood, $180 unframed – email to inquire.

Good morning! A couple days ago I started a series about Venice (Italy) colors, and I’ve really happy with my first little study. I went on a backpacking trip around Europe about eight years ago, and loved the Venice colors and shapes – the crowded buildings and colorful paint… These paintings are all about the colors and proportions. No pictures though – as my camera is not yet charged. I hope to get pictures up this weekend.

I have looked everywhere for my camera charger (at least twice), and have finally given up… I think it must be in a hotel room in Minnesota. Why is it that I can get a phone charger for under ten dollars, but a camera charger is over fifty?

14 Nov

Minnisota Skies, and do not call registry (#3310)

“Minnisota Skies”
12×9 inches, oil on canvas paper

Even though I wasn’t really satisfied with my complementary paintings yesterday, I decided to move on and do an analogous-color painting today. I used a couple of my photos from our MN vacation as reference, and I’m happy about the color scheme in this one.

On a completely different note, after getting a telemarketer call this morning, I immediately called the National Do Not Call registry (888-382-1222). Cell phone numbers are no longer safe from telemarketers…

13 Nov

In Celebration of the First Snow, oil painting (#3309)

“Hillside Trees”
12 x 9 inches, oil on canvas paper

In celebration of the first snow of this winter, I painted this snow-scape. I’ll get the pic up as soon as I find my camera charger. Today I worked with a complementary / split comlementary color pallet. Again I was shocked by how much paint it takes to paint with a pallet knife. Can anyone recommend a good medium to extend oil paint?

I’m on day one of Ted Goerschner’s book “ Jessie Posted in Paintings Leave a comment

12 Nov

Foggy Hillside


Foggy Hillside / 12×9 in / oil on canvas paper unframed / $90

Here’s another monochromatic painting.  I’m working on my color harmonies, and painting with a pallet knife to keep myself from getting involved in the details. I think it’s working, but painting with a pallet knife uses a LOT of paint!

This has a similar feel to this painting of Sun on Pine Trees.

pallet knife painting (#3308)

12 Nov

Walrus by portrait artist


“Walrus in Blue” pallet knife painting
6 x 9 inches, oil on canvas paper, contact me to inquire

I’m working on my colors this week – specifically my color harmony. Here’s a monochromatic painting of a mother and baby walrus. Here’s the closest thing to a monochromatic painting I’ve done before this, besides my abstract paintings.

By the way, I used Carol Marine’s suggestion of soaking my caked up paint brushes (which I had all but given up on) in Murphey’s Oil Soap overnight, and it worked well! Thanks Carol!

06 Nov

Portrait artist paints a “Flower Canopy”


“Flower Canopy”
12 in x 18 in, oil on wood
A happy yellow painting. The color of the wood table came out really nicely. This is the same gourd from last week, of course, but in a still life this time.
SPECIFICS: 12x 18 inches, original oil still life painting on wood, unframed. Painted by Northwest artist Jessie Rasche in 2009.

SHIPPING: I will package your painting with care and mail it within 3 days of purchase (or within one week if still wet).

Please email me with any questions. Check my blog for new paintings: http://jessiesfineart.com/blog Comments are welcomed (at the blog).