24 Oct

Portrait artist paints a Swan Gourd and Apple


“Balancing Act”
8 in x 6 in, oil on wood

Here she is again, in primary colors. That’s a little red apple on her head (from the box of apples our friend Ananda gave us from her orchard). The gourd is actually sitting on top of a duck-shaped cookie cutter, sitting on it’s side, to keep the gourd more or less upright. I played with the background a bit, so that it has a watery effect but you can see a window behind the apple. Hm!

This is the same gourd from yesterday, of course, but she’s getting more impressionistic today as I am getting more familiar with her.

Comments are welcomed.

21 Oct

Portrait artist paints “Loading the Boat”


“Loading the Boat”
6 x 6 inches, oil on wood

This is a quick sketch of a woman and her dog standing on the dock getting ready to board their boat. It looks pretty abstract but you can see the dog looking into the boat, getting ready for a ride.

The style on this was similar to the loose style I used in the oil painting “Wilt”.

20 Oct

Portrait artist paints a yellow swan gourd, Rasche


“Yellow Swan Gourd”
7″ x 5″
Available in my Etsy store.

I was feeling silly and painted this yellow and green swan shaped gourd on top of a bright orange polka-dot cloth. You’ll be seeing more of this gourd. Maybe next time she’ll be trying to fly.

On a personal note, yesterday I went back to the opthamologist for a followup, and politely asked for a new doctor that would listen better. The new doctor was great, he listened and looked a lot harder and found that I have pars planitis of the middle eye; “snowballs” of debris blocking my vision – something that’s permanent and basically untreatable. I will have ‘flare ups’ but will hopefully also have periods where it’s fine too. 

I’m actually pretty relieved that it’s just an eye issue – the little bouts of feeling blind while I could see were making me think something much worse was wrong. The doctor called that “after image.”

My vision right now is like looking at a really dirty mirror. So my little flashes of blindness make sense, and I suppose all the glare is because the light is reflecting off the snowballs…

Oh well.

03 Oct

Abstract oil painting on wood, “Water”

“Water” by Jessie Rasche. 12? x 12?, oil on wood.


Here is another abstract painting, with big strokes and rich colors, with similar strokes to these paintings.

The Blue Wednesday Group was mentioned on the radio! And apparently they read each of our names! I can’t wait to find out how the opening night of our show went. As for me, we spent the entire day in the airport, which was a lot more fun than it sounds.

01 Oct

Landscape oil painting on wood, Lake and Trees

“Lake Diablo II” by Jessie Rasche. 18″ x 12″, oil on wood. NOT AVAILABLE.


Here’s another painting of Lake Diablo – this one is really a color exploration.

Yesterday I met with the other Blue Wednesday members to prepare for our show on Friday and Saturday. Everyone in the group had great work, I’m excited about the show. We’ve been mentioned a couple times by the media!