27 Jul

Blue, Island View, and Big Ship

I’ve been so literal lately with my painting, and had the urge to just paint blue. So I painted an abstract blue painting, and then finished the picture with the two birds, Island View


Island View / 12 x 12 in / oil on canvas / ready to hang with painted edges

And Big Ship


Big Ship / 12×12 in / oil on canvas / ready to hang with painted edges

These are all 12×12 oil paintings on deep-stretched canvas.

These are moving in the direction of modern realism, like this landscape painting of mountains, the river, and a man holding his son.(#3286,5,4)

26 Jul

Island View


“View of the Islands” / 12×12 in / oil on canvas / ready to hang / $400

This is another 12×12 painting for my Sept show. Why am I posting such small pictures? Because they’re in progress. I’ll post bigger pics when I post the final version.

When I was little, my mom and I would occasionally feed the seagulls down below the Pike Place Market. I loved doing that! I’ve always loved seagulls, that might be why.

10 Jul

Portrait artist paints mom and child: Reaching Left

Reaching Left / 12×6 in / oil on wood / $350 (#3283)

Oil on wood, 12″ x 6″. Those couple extra inches really take more time! (And make the painting feel more substantial than the smaller ones I’ve been making.)

This is a path and stand of tall trees. I was drawn in by how so many of the branches were reaching over to the left.

This has similar colors to this landscape oil painting.

06 Jul

Window II

“Window II,” 8″ x 6″, oil on wood, $200

Heath brought me a big bouquet a couple days ago, just to be nice! Here they are in a square glass vase, sitting in my window above a red apple.

Info about the paintings in the “A Painting A Day” project:

Each day I paint, but about every other day I finish a painting. Most days I paint still-lifes (fruit, flowers, toys), but some days I paint people or go out for plein air landscape painting, or work on a larger studio painting. I try to capture the light effects, the color harmony, and the feeling and weight or substance of the things I paint, rather than the details. My style has been described as impressionistic, colorful, serene and sometimes whimsical.

I do my best to take good photos, but the color may look a little different in person. These small oil paintings look great framed up and placed in a small space on their own, or on a wall with several other small paintings.

Here’s another painting of flowers and fruit backlit by a window.