28 Jun

Portrait artist paints a Dappled Light


Dappled Light / 8×6 in / oil on wood  / See Available Landscape Paintings

This is an old, plain little bird house hanging in our back yard. I really like looking at this bird house – it always makes me smile, and I’ve been wanting to paint it for a while. Approx 6×8″, oil paint on board. (I’m using nice oak plywood, primered on one side – should I be calling this “board” or “wood” or something else?)(#3278)

25 Jun

Portrait artist paints dad and son

This painting has turned out to be my best selling print!

I’ve been really frustrated with my paintings this month, and finally realized that my frustrations started when my favorite brush died and I ran out of my good paint.  I’m back in supplies, and feeling much better now! Please wish me luck in getting back into the painting rhythm!

07 Jun


I painted this using reference photos from my trip there a while back. I loved the colors and textures and rhythm of the structures. 6×8, oil on canvas board.