23 May

Portrait artist paints children “Friends”


Hi All,

I was jury-accepted for the 20 under 40 show at Tinman Gallery (Spokane, WA), opening Feb 4th! This was a great honor for me.

This painting was one of 4 that will be showing – The picture will be returned to this blog post after the show opens.

I’m having a great time painting figures this week. Today’s painting is not finished yet – I’ll work at it more this evening. It’s two toddlers sitting against a tree together. 8×8, oil on mounted canvas. painting of children

21 May

portrait artist paints Mom and baby


Available paintings of people: http://jessiesfineart.com/people-painting.html

Prints: http://jessiesfineart.com/prints.html

Hi All,

Me and the baby in the park. I really love this sentimental little scene. Oil on wood, 6×6.

The kids next door were jumping on their trampoline and laughing when I started this. It was nice.

10 May

Blossoms Flower Painting


I’ve been painting some flowers set up in my window again… And in the process I pulled out some of the first flowers I painted. Here they are!

Above: Blossoms  / 6×8 / oil on canvas / $75

Unframed, free shipping. White blossoms from the back yard. I like the translucence that came through in the green soda bottle.

Below: Weeds / approx 9×9 / oil on canvas /  $100

Unframed, free shipping. These flowers look like black-eyed susans to me, and they are growing in huge numbers in empty lots around here. They’re very pretty.


05 May

Cow painting, landscape paintings with cows

Cows / 18×24 in / oil on canvas / framed / $600

I finished my big painting today – it’s a bigger version of my small cows in the field. Or I suppose it would be more accurate to say that the small painting inspired this one, and I used it for reference, as well as the reference photos. Oil on canvas board,  18×24″.