Art Supplies


Violets, 8″ x 10″ each, available.

Canvas – these are the inexpensive ones I use for sketching. I use fancy stuff for my serious work.

Sketch pad 

Paint – These are the colors I use. It’s a traditional primary pallet.

As a medium, I recommend GAMBLIN OIL MEDIUM-SLVNT FREE GEL. It doesn’t have the shine of oil, but it’s much healthier for you to use. I love this stuff.

Under Cover, 8″ square, available.

Brush Cleaning – some paper towels or an old t-shirt, Odorless Mineral Spirits (OMS), and an air tight container for the OMS. You can get one specifically for that purpose (SEALABLE BRUSH WASHR) or use a glass jar with a lid that tightens well. Note that OMS does not fly, so if you order it online, give it a lot of travel time.

Pallet knife.


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