Art In Situ: Installed Artwork

Sanford Memorial Garden
Sanford USD Medical Center, Sioux Falls, SD

Installed June 25th, 2018

“Hospital patients, their families, and visitors find their way to the Memorial Garden for a time of respite from the hectic pace of health care.  The Memorial Garden offers a quiet, garden-style space for reflection and prayer.  It is open 24/7 – folks are welcome to visit the Garden any time of day or night.

“Jessie is beautifully capturing the vision for this project: four seasons of rural South Dakota/SW Minnesota landscape.  We hope those who enjoy Jessie’s paintings will experience:

  • A home away from home and find comfort in that
  • Peace
  • Being “drawn into” the art and being part of the scene
  • Connection

“Jessie’s art will be the reflective focal point of this space.  We are grateful for her work!”

Rev. Cindy Hoy, MA, MDiv, BCC
Director, Spiritual Care
Sanford USD Medical Center




Paintings in homes


Ann Nordquist (Bonner Springs, KS) is a great collector with several of my paintings. Thank you so much, Ann, for sending this photo! Your home is beautiful, and I love how Brookings fits into it. 

“My mission is to bring people happiness and a sense of peace through beautiful paintings of the prairie land and inhabitants.”


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