Edge, 12×16 in., acrylic on canvas, $300

Edge is part of a series of abstract art inspired by aerial photos from NASA, painted by award winning artist Jessie Rasche. Acrylic on studio wrapped 3/4″ canvas, ready to frame. Click Add to Cart or Email me to purchase.

The complex texture in this painting is delightful. I hope you enjoy it.

Many of the acrylic paintings I’ve been doing are inspired by photos that NASA takes from space of Earth. So they are abstract art, but they are also very representational. And because of that they seem to connect with people who don’t typically enjoy abstract art.

It’s almost like they’re just distant rather than abstract. Distant and close. They look at the same time like a microscopic picture and like a telescopic picture, which I find very enchanting since a common theme in many of my paintings is a dual meaning.

This painting is full of beautiful intricate visual texture, and subtle variations of deep blue, sea green, and a clean light blue.

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