5×7 inch oil painting on canvas, $175. Email to purchase or with any questions.

Desire is a 5×7″ unframed (ready to frame) oil painting of ceramic bird, flowers and painted flower pots. Lately I’ve been naming my paintings during the setup process, which is a lot of fun. Doesn’t this bird look like she wants to be just a little closer to those flowers?

Yesterday I fought a battle with lemon yellow and lost badly. I had been cleaning up my studio (to start teaching painting lessons for grown ups – call or email if you’re interested), and I ran across a couple old paintings with vibrant yellow-green that I just can’t create with my current pallet. I couldn’t remember why I took lemon yellow off my pallet in the first place, so I put it right back on there yesterday. And then after many hours of struggling with a painting I realized why I took it off my pallet in the first place!

So today it’s still on my pallet, but way down in the corner where I can’t accidentally mix it with anything. There’s a little of it in the flowers here, but it’s no where else on the canvas.

Jessie Rasche is an award winning South Dakota artist.

Her landscape, floral and portrait paintings hang in private collections in every region of the US and Canada, and in Ireland, and have shown in galleries in South Dakota, Washington, California and Kansas. You can see a rotating display of her work at the South Dakota Art Museum gift shop and at the Southwind Gallery in Topeka KS.

Jessie’s paintings have been published in the South Dakota Magazine, the Brookings Register, the Spokesman Review and other publications.