12 May

#10: Yin and Yang, blue abstract art

#10, Yin and Yang, 16×12″, acrylic on canvas, available, $100. Email me to purchase with paypal safe checkout or check. 

This is my last of the 10 abstract acrylic explorations at this price. You can see the whole series here.

I’m going to get back to posting representational work in this newsletter. I’ll have a separate space for writing about and showing abstract works. If you’re interested in seeing that, click through here. 


I was excited to put a video in my last newsletter, but the image / video link didn’t show up. If you’d like to see that video it’s here.

#9, Water, 12×16″, available, $100. I really like this one. Hope you like it too.  Email me to purchase with paypal safe checkout or check. 


08 May

Acrylic Exploration #9, Water.

I am really loving how this painting looks close up, so I thought I’d try a little video to show it better. Isn’t that texture something?

This is another of the paintings that’s inspired by the areal photos from NASA.

Water, $100, 12×16″, available to first person to call or email. 

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