“Midwestern Blue Grass”, available at SouthWind Gallery (785) 273-5994. They ship.
8×12″ oil painting on canvas by Jessie Rasche

It’s been a busy few weeks. This painting and three others are on their way to the SouthWind Art Gallery in Topeka, KS. It really feels good to have paintings packaged up safely and on their way. And my studio is 1/2 way fixed up the way I want it. It’s a beautiful space; I’m just turning it into a painting studio by taking off the wallpaper border and taking down the deep shelving and putting up narrow shelving for small paintings and open areas for big paintings… Below is a section of the wall that’s done. Now I need to get some new paintings to the Pam at the South Dakota Art Museum – thank you for carrying my paintings, Pam!




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SOLD. “The Bicycle”. OPA Western Regional Exhibition

Thumbnail image for SOLD. “The Bicycle”. OPA Western Regional Exhibition September 9, 2013

We just returned from a world wind trip down to Topeka, Kansas for the OPA Western Regional Exhibition. What a blast, and it is such an honor to be included in this show! I saw portrait demos by both Ned Mueller and  Ken Cadwallader, both of whom were excellent teachers, as well as amazing artists. Those […]

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Award for Road to La Grande

Thumbnail image for Award for Road to La Grande August 18, 2013

Road to La Grandeby Jessie Rasche 36×24″, oil on canvas Available. I received the 1st place award for this painting from the Brookings Arts Council. Thank you so much, Juror Mark Stemwedel and BAC! I am honored, as there were many very good paintings and sculptures in the juried art show. If you’re in the […]

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SOLD. “The Cyclist” was accepted into an OPA show!

Thumbnail image for SOLD. “The Cyclist” was accepted into an OPA show! July 11, 2013

SOLD. The Cyclist showed at Oil Painters of America Western Regional Show! Southwind Art Gallery 3074 SW 29th St Topeka, KS Sept. 6 – Oct. 26, 2013

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Yellow Sky (Available)

Thumbnail image for Yellow Sky (Available) June 11, 2013

“Yellow Sky”, available at SouthWind Gallery (785) 273-5994. They ship.   I’m working out some color and value ideas… What do you think?

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La Grande III (available)

Thumbnail image for La Grande III (available) June 6, 2013

La Grande III  9×12″ oil on mounted canvas  Study Information and purchase. I’m trying some new concepts with color mixing – which is a struggle right now. But it’s the good kind of struggle. I was trying to convey that beautiful glowing valley feeling. On a personal note, we’re saving up for something important that […]

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Oranges and the Dahlia (Available)

Thumbnail image for Oranges and the Dahlia (Available) May 22, 2013

Oranges and the Dahlia 5×7 inches, oil on gesso board, unframed More Information / Purchase   New feedback: “The painting is just fabulous! <My husband> is going to love it!” Thank you collectors!!!

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Apples (Available)

Thumbnail image for Apples (Available) May 21, 2013

Apples 6×6 inches oil on wood more information / purchase I am saving up for a workshop I really want, and so here’s a special deal. I will also have free shipping and handling for the next person to order a commissioned painting (including portraits)!

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Untitled painting (in progress)

Thumbnail image for Untitled painting (in progress) May 10, 2013

Any suggestions for what I should name this painting? I was thinking something about drinking water or farming… I don’t know. It’s 18×24″, and it’s almost  done. I want to finesse the woman – her face especially. Here’s a detail photo of the woman and a few cows behind her. There’s a group on the […]

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Neighbor’s Trees II (Available)

Thumbnail image for Neighbor’s Trees II (Available) May 7, 2013

Neighbor’s Trees II / approx 18×12 in / oil on wood / $900 I’m not sure whether this is a studio painting or a plein air painting. I was looking out my studio window at the neighbor’s trees when I painted this in Spokane, Washington. What I really liked about this scene was the beautiful […]

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The Clip (Sold)

Thumbnail image for The Clip (Sold) May 5, 2013

The Clip 5×5 in, oil. I love the deep vibrant green of this vase! This setup was pretty funny – a clip is holding up the backdrop and I liked having that little clip right on the edge of the painting.

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Grain Elevator progress

Thumbnail image for Grain Elevator progress April 28, 2013

Grain Elevator 30×40″ in progress, maybe I think I’m just about done with the grain elevator painting. I don’t think the photos are doing a good job of conveying this painting…. The sky is much brighter and the colors stronger in the painting. Here’s a detail of the train and the background.  

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“The Hat,” South Dakota Art Museum Store Representation! And Print Winner

Thumbnail image for “The Hat,” South Dakota Art Museum Store Representation! And Print Winner April 18, 2013

“The Hat” 11×14″ oil on canvas available I am now represented by the South Dakota Museum Store in Brookings, SD. Thank you Pam! If you’re local you can drop in and see 4 of my small framed figurative paintings. And… the print winners this month are Dodie C. and Lisa O. Congratulations! Email me with […]

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AMO Painting Challenge

Thumbnail image for AMO Painting Challenge April 15, 2013

(“Sketch”, 11×14, oil on canvas, by Jessie) “NEW COMPLEMENTARY COLOR COMBINATION” Challenge Hello painters! Thank you Linda for giving me the opportunity to write the current AMO Challenge for the fb AMO Challenge Group. The Challenge: Try a complementary color combination that is totally new to you, and use a very limited pallet with that […]

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Play update – 24×36″ painting in progress

Thumbnail image for Play update – 24×36″ painting in progress April 9, 2013

I have time for a portrait before mothers day (May 12). Call or email if you would like to commission a Mom & Child portrait, or a portrait of your kids or spouse for mothers day. I’m working on my “Play” painting that has been on and off of my easel for a long time […]

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“The Cyclist” oil painting (not available)

Thumbnail image for “The Cyclist” oil painting (not available) March 22, 2013

The Cyclist9×7″, oil on canvas I decided to really slow down and try to make the best painting I can. I used repeated colors and shapes, atmospheric perspective, a strong focal point and hopefully some other interesting things to look at… Most importantly I tried to make every area worth looking at… This painting used […]

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“Big Sioux River” landscape painting, and print winner announced.

Thumbnail image for “Big Sioux River” landscape painting, and print winner announced. March 15, 2013

Big Sioux River 8×10 inch oil painting on hold Denise C.  is the winner of the drawing for a free matted print! Congratulations Denise! Email or call with your print choice and shipping information. Here are your choices: I used random.org to select the winner from all the people signed up for my mailing list. […]

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“Brookings Grain Elevator” in progress.

Thumbnail image for “Brookings Grain Elevator” in progress. March 13, 2013

Here is progress on the Brookings Grain Elevator painting. It’s rather large for me: 30×40 inches. This is kind of a funny stage for the painting. It has a lot of new details that need to be finessed… Someone recently pointed out that I don’t have information about my mentors and the artists that I […]

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“Oranges and Dahlia” flower painting (Available)

Thumbnail image for “Oranges and Dahlia” flower painting (Available) March 9, 2013

Oranges and the Dahlia 5×7 inches, oil on gesso board, unframed, $150 Add to Cart In my last post the big white dahlia (I think that’s what this flower is) was the star of the show. In his one I wanted her to blend in with the snow outside the window. Both are shown below. […]

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“Dahlia and the Bird” (available) flower picture

Thumbnail image for “Dahlia and the Bird” (available) flower  picture March 7, 2013

Dahlia and the Bird 12×9 inch oil on Raymar canvas panel Available.  Purchase or inquire I thought it would be fun to show the setup this time. For this painting I used a new color combo, which I LOVE. For this project, at least. Paints from Utrecht. Phthalo Blue (Utrecht) Burnt Sienna (Winson & Newton) […]

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