30 Sep

Education theory for homeschool

In the self test for my preferences for educational style, I come out split between classical education (because of the emphasis on a rich, full-mind and body educational journey) and unschooling (because of the emphasis on a full, rich life).

Here are some of the resources that I’ve found most useful:

  • charlotte mason forum
  • charlotte mason FB page
30 Sep

Cool science stuff for homeschool

Here’s the cool stuff I’ve found so far. Please comment with your favorite science projects / books / whatever.


  • http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/education/resources/k-8/science-activities.html – American Chemical Society
  • http://www.inquiryinaction.org/
  • http://www.acs.org/content/acs/en/education/whatischemistry/adventures-in-chemistry.html

Full courses and curriculum:

  • http://store.ellenjmchenry.com/?product_cat=elements – I’ve heard great reviews of this and plan to check it out
  • http://www.theplantedtrees.com/2015/07/living-book-chemistry-plans-for.html#uds-search-results

Videos, TV shows and movies:

  • http://www.periodicvideos.com/
  • https://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=science+of+disney+imagineering+
  • http://dep.disney.go.com/mathscience.html
  • https://www.youtube.com/user/crashcourse

Games and other stuff to buy:

  • http://www.amightygirl.com/toys/toys-games/science-math
30 Sep

Homeschool printable planner / schedule

This is my second year home educating my son, and staying organized takes a lot of energy. I’m not an organized person, so I need to have schedules to make up for that.

I was thinking about buying one of those homeschool schedule books, mainly to make sure we get in field trips and other fun stuff. Yesterday I ran across this one by Living Well Spending Less: http://www.livingwellspendingless.com/our-homeschool-planner/

I like it because it is more of a ‘whole life’ planner.

What do you think?

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